SIPEwin is a system with enough flexibility to process a wide variety of type of questionnaires.

From an exhaustive data clean up, regarding both, code validity and logic conditions (optimized by SIPEwin), the data processing is carried out according to client specifications about banners, special cross-tabulation and specific parameters.



Table navigation and survey hosting

Once the survey is processed and hosted, the customer is able to use the “client version” of SIPEwin to navigate the statistic tables, and make some additional processings.

This includes the crossing of all variables among them, placing filters, create new variables from combination of the existing ones, calculate net and subtotal values, summarization of variables with same codes, among other functions related to data processing.

The user is able to export the statistic tables to an Excel file in two different ways:
• All charts in a sheet
• One chart per sheet (an index with links to each chart is in the first sheet)

The fact that the processed survey is hosted on our server enables the user to have a permanent access from everywhere to the latest version. This is possible using devices with Windows Operating System and SIPEwin installed and connected to the internet.

Each user has its own password for this purpose.

SIPEwin also allows to follow up variables of online and offline surveys in real time.

Graph Maker

SIPEwin allows to export specific tabulation Excel files to be used as input by the automatic graph maker, GenPP, for presentations and reports.

GenPP uses that SIPEwin output for such purposes and generates, based on a template presentation, a new customized one that shows requested graphics thru slides associated with the resulting variables from data process.


Statistic multivariate methods

SMR uses self developed software to apply the main statistic multivariate methods of Market Research and Public Opinion Data Analysis, such as:

The self developing of these calculations and the integration with our SIPEwin processing system lead SMR to get a deep knowledge of the involved theories. Moreover, SMR is able to provide comprehensive advice about the use of multivariate calculations and interpretation of the results.

Results of the calculations were succesfuly verified against specific softwares such as SPSS.

Quantum Processing

SSMR also disposes of the QUANTUM system and the necessary software to generate Quanvert bases, compatible with the current SPSS Dimensions Desktop Reporter, which allows the users to get their own additional tables once made the data processing.

Bases for JMP (SAS)

At the same time, responding to the current demand of those who previously requested Quantum processing, SMR has developed a system to generate specific bases to work with JMP (SAS).