CAPI Offline

SMR disposes of a system for programming surveys for offline data collection via Android tablets or mobile phones. It has all the features of a CAPI system, and internet connection is needed just to download or update the survey and to upload the data of collected interviews.

Linking to SIPEwin allows user to download synchronized data to have the follow up and tabulation in real time.

CAPI Online

SIPEweb (own development system) allows to program a survey to be later hosted on the SMR internet server as a webpage, working (online) in all usual browsers, even in tablets / mobile phones (Android) or ipads / iphones (iOS). In this way, complex surveys can be answered by browsing thru a webpage.

Using SIPEweb, internet available locations are easily transformed into spaces for surveys. Thus, data entry and immediate follow up and tabulation are possible because of this system with SIPEwin (tabulation system) linking.